Our Services


Our interpretation services include:

Simultaneous or real time interpretation. This type of interpretation is ideal for large and live meetings or workshops. Interpreters work in pairs and they must use headphones, a tabletop microphone and work from a booth, secluded from the participants to enhance concentration and isolate sound interference.

Consecutive interpretation. The interpreter waits for the speaker to finish before the taking over interpreting. Consecutive interpretation is ideal for small groups, in which the number of those in need of interpretation is small. Remote/virtual interpretation: We offer virtual interpretation services via online platforms. Field interpretation: The interpreter accompanies participants outdoors and does live interpretation in the field. An example is when visiting a project or communities.

‘Whispering’ interpretation: Ordinarily, the interpreter will be sandwiched between two participants and whispers to the person in need of interpretation. In addition, he may sit behind the person and interpret from behind but close enough to whisper to the person in need of interpretation.


Our tested and professional in-house translators have a fast turnaround time while respecting the spirit and faithfulness of the original documents. We translate into international as well as local languages. We translate reports, training manuals, websites, journals, books, questionnaires etc Transcriptions, subtitling and editing We transcribe videos and audio documents. We also do subtitling.

Corporate French:

We offer French tutorials to our corporate clients from the comfort of their offices. We have tailored our French lessons to our clients’ organizational, professional and personal needs while adhering to international requirements.